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#YaJagoff Podcast

The Almost Home in Pittsburgh Podcast

December 25, 2018

Home is where the heart is….wait there is no place like home, (add heel clicking), better yet, there is no place like home for the holidays—pick your cliché this Christmas Day and enjoy a listen from past ‘Burgers who long for home.  The jagoffs interviewed West Coast comedians Joe Bartnick and Andy Picarro where else but a ‘Stillers’ tailgate as they people watch the Pittsburgh Steeler jersey trend. Then we phone a friend or two to chat about a booming West Coast podcast ‘Givem The Biz’ that focuses on day-to-day business tips and stories thanks to Bill Harvanek and John Tabis.  Plus, enjoy friend of the podcast, Dan Malarkey singing jagoff holiday tunes. 

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Question of the Day

What is your favorite Pittsburgh holiday memory?

3:03 Andy/Joe

With tailgate sounds like pump up music and Here We Go Steelers chants filling the air, once ‘Burgh comedians Andy Picarro and Joe Bartnick joined the craziness and weighed in on Pittsburgh looks, the Steelers craze nationwide, and the biggest difference between Pittsburgh life and being on the West Coast. Other than being comedians with busy schedules, both co-host podcasts that are humor based with hockey talk. Check out Joe’s Puck off! and Andy’s Unhealthy Scratch Podcast.

17:59 Billy/John

John and Rachael get major props for comparing this high-energy typical business realm podcast to no other than the WDVE morning show. These former Rural Ridge dwellers proudly take the compliment and give us a glimpse of the fun and facts to hosting a podcast about the trials and tribulations to building and entrepreneurship anywhere, plus they share Pittsburgh must do’s when returning home for the holidays. Who built igloos during a major snow storm? One of these guys reflects on that memory since it never snows in Calli.

Thanks Dan Malarkey

Not sure if a CD or song release party is in the works, but since Dan refused to attend the PDP Holiday Karaoke, the jagoffs gave him a platform to perform holiday faves.

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