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#YaJagoff Podcast

The 6 Degrees of Hamilton Episode

January 8, 2019

The all-star cast of Hamilton sparked the YaJagoff podcast pool of talent for the all things Hamilton episode at the Heinz History Center. They welcomed Director of Communications for the Cultural Trust, Robin Elrod to discuss the intensity to hosting such a production. Plus, Heinz History Center Curator Leslie Przybylek weighs in on the History Center’s part in the legendary production, and cousin Marilyn Walsh, Marketing Director of Baptist Homes Society talks about the new resident building, Hamilton Tower at Providence Point. James J. Hamilton has a fancy name for our resident comedic, funny guy, and nothing like a whiskey-relevant band like The Whelming Waters to complete our historic hop in time.

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Question of the Day

Since it’s the 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon scenario with Hamilton, who are you 6 degree or cousin twice removed related to or know who is a celeb or royalty?

04:32 Leslie Przybylek

Leslie Przybylek, Heinz History Center Curator, talks new exhibit installations at the Heinz History Center and provides historical significance as well as unique dates of times in history relating to the Whiskey Rebellion and Hamilton’s part. No need to get a history book out, because she knows all the details as well as discussing celebrity encounters while working at the Heinz History Center.

15: 35 Robin Elrod

Who knows where Robin is as she takes time to call in to the podcast. Is she sleeping at the Benedum? Did we catch her on set? Hamilton, the musical, is a boon for Pittsburgh theater goers and the @CulturalTrust!

25: 52 Marilyn Walsh

Marketing Director of Baptist Homes Society, Marliyn Walsh joins the podcast to discuss her intertwined role of Providence Point’s excitement of the new living accommodations of the Hamilton Tower. She provides insight to the naming of the building as well as geographical history of the land at Providence Point. Listen closely to upcoming events that may involve a curated whiskey cocktail that will be sure to start a rebellion… or at least good time!

37: 24 James J Hamilton

Pittsburgh Comedian James J. Hamilton discusses his inspiration for his stage name in comedy and pitches some jokes to our fellow jagoffs that will be sure to catch your attention. He may seem reserved and shy, but he does not hold back on his comedic creativity. He has performed at the DVE Comedy Festival, Burning Bridges Festival, Pittsburgh Improv and Arcade Comedy Theater. Though he admits he made $11 at one of his most recent shows, listeners can find out where he will be performing next.

47: 45 The Whelming Waters

Pittsburgh based rock and roll band, The Whelming Waters jams out on the podcast, playing one of its hit songs, “Whiskey Song.” The band consists of a brother and sister as well as the sister’s husband. They reveal the significance of their band name, family dynamics and celebrity run-ins. This compelling trio will be sure to perk ears in awe of their rustic music abilities. Find the Whelming Waters for bookings and online schedule.

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