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Tea and Crumpets With Byron Nash?

November 1, 2016

It all started in the green room with whiskey-infused cupcakes, Scott Baker with a toaster under his arm, and John Knight trying to chime in from a rally from who knows where. It got even better when Byron Nash played his guitar right there in the studio and Danielle Spinola talked to us about her local tea shop WITHOUT our pinkies out!

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01:15 Show open… after an off-mic toast of Black Craft Whiskey and Frosted Envy cupcakes infused with Black Craft Whiskey…and John Knight, Jagoffs Party POTUS candidate is live at a rally somewhere…

07:34 Scott Baker of 5 Generations Bakers brought in his famous cinnamon bread AND a toaster and made us all fresh toast!

16:50 Danielle Spinola from Tupelo Honey Teas in Millvale…yep, she did the whiskey too! John Knight breaks in again from his rally. Hopefully, this break goes better than the first one!

29:40 Byron Nash… surprise…. he and John have met before??? Go to Byron Nash and Plan B’s digital launch party at Mr. Smalls, Saturday, November 6.
42:33 John Knight checks in one last time… I think we’ve created a new Viagra commercial!

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