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#YaJagoff Podcast

Roaring fun at the Museum

April 24, 2018

John and Rachael host their own ‘Night at the Museum,’ except in the morning… and in the setting of American Spirits, the Rise and Fall of Prohibition. The jagoffery duo welcomed 97-year-old Marie Carcara, who gives lessons on the Charleston, and reminisces what made the 20’s roaring, Ole Smoky’s Chandler Carranza draws a prohibition comparison to modern day, and Leslie Przbylek from the Heinz History Center weighs in on how the 20’s was the real trend setting era.

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What was on the blog:

01:05 Parking problems that annoy John and ode to the tax collector!


Marie Carcara takes a long stroll down memory lane starting with her first date at West View Park, the low percentage of car owners in her day and admits to her current-day facetime fascination.


Chandler Carranza, Ole Smoky Distillery lends advice on longevity of drinks that have lived the test of time and explains what today’s no no indulgence is compared to the days of the prohibition.

Chandler is a Leukemia Lymphoma Society’s Man of the Year, please visit his fundraising page HERE. an event at Tequila Cowboy (North Shore) 4/24.


Leslie Przbylek is the lead curator for the Heinz History Center and is personally fond of the American Spirits: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition exhibit running until June 10 because of the era. She explains the research involved and is specifically excited that Pittsburgh is the final exhibit city.


Don’t forget to register for the Be a Playa Billiards Tournament on May 5th. Big thanks to “cousin Lisa” for uber-ing Marie!!

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