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#YaJagoff Podcast

Riding the Waves and the Burger Fave

August 7, 2018

John and Rachael started the weekend early by eating #BigMac50 breakfasts and chatting with McRoyalty like Michael Delligatti.Then on Saturday battled the humidity to talk to some water warriors who heightened the excitement at the 2018 EQT Three Rivers Regatta.Ya Gotta listen in!

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Total Sports Enterprises is amping up for Steeler season with black and gold cups, yard flags, terrible towels and more. The major excitement, though, is TSE will host a player signing on the Saturday before every home game this Steeler season. That’s right, you can meet, greet and get your favorite items signed by Hines, Marcus Allen, Juju himself and more. Be sure to check the website at for more details on signings and for all of your black and gold needs.

01:07 Opening

The jagoffs competed with the sounds of the powerboats to recap the splendor of the water competitions on the three rivers at the EQT Three Rivers Regatta 2018.

The Ya Jagoff podcast doesn’t want to leave listeners green with envy as we prepare for the Irish Festival THIS September at the Riverplex at Sandcastle.  Enjoy custom and tradition at its finest while listening to national local Irish performers including a visit from international sensations, The Screaming Orphans.  Plus eat, drink, shop, dance, and do some Ancient Celtic Axe Throwing as we celebrate all things Irish.  Join us September 7th-9th at the Riverplex at Sandcastle as we celebrate the Pittsburgh Irish Festival. Visit for details and ticket information. Best part – you don’t have to be Irish to have fun at the Festival!

03:48 Michael Delligatti

son of James Delligatti creator of the Big Mac explains the craze of the coins identifying each generation, lets us know that he was nowhere near John’s record of 5 Big Macs in one day and sheds some light on the history of the mac daddy of all burgers; the BigMac.

10:20 Typhoon Tommy

Can you say Tidal Wave of Fun? We found Tommy prepping for his emcee debut. He chats up his work with athletes as a trainer and drops some A-list names of folks he introduces and describes during the jet ski stunts. He hails from Detroit but adores the Pittsburgh water!

Derek Weber of Lion Heart Event Group

Sleeping is certainly not among the many activities Derek conquers during the three-day event. He organizes each of the events and keeps act on schedule from sky diving to the fireworks display.

Devon, Jeff and Miles of the Red Bull Airforce educate the jagoff team about how to be sort of Navy Seals. They chat up the fact that their skydiving Is year-round and admit that flexibility is the key to stamina and successful dives. They enjoy Red Bull, stunts and now have a better understanding of what a jagoff is thanks to John and Rachael.

29:10 Travis and Devon Yates, Power Boat #99:

This power duo is a father/step-son team who explain the ages and stages of driving the power boats, the exhilaration of enjoying the craft as a family and enjoying their first time in Pittsburgh…except the roads!

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