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Porch Tour #3 A Heavenly Hang Out

August 25, 2020

The JD Waterproofing Porch tour #3 is at Rach’s parents where two jags and a few Jaggerz talked old school music and learned a thing or two about the word GINCHY from JA himself. All this entertainment while sipping our Tattiebogle Cider and enjoying Ricci’s sausage and some of Johnny Angel’s favorite summer go to’s.

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Question of the Day

How many days do you go before washing your jeans?


Fire Hydrant Faux Pas

Santonio Holmes events

Eat N Park Smiles

Glass Factory

Maz Day

4:55 Harry

From one home improvement and remodeling project to another, J&D Waterproofing has your back no matter what circumstance. Call 1-800-VERY-DRY to book an appointment!

8:25 Johnny Angel

The host with the most, including homemade sangria, Johnny Angel from Johnny Angel and The Halos takes the porch stage with the jagoffs to talk about all the “grinchy” things from owning Johnny Angel’s Ginchy Stuff, pioneering a radio show, stories behind his newfound blogging and more. Don’t skip a beat here!

22:45 Mary Mac

Mary Mac has perfect porch desserts from tasty rolls to strawberry pretzel cookies. Listen to how she sweetens the deal with her business, Mary Mac Bakehouse, to bring easy baking right to your oven and more.

33:58 Benny Faiella

The Jaggerz member Benny Faiella talks soul and rhythm, and where he was when he first heard his own song on the radio. Listen to exclusive band memories that will make you belt rap, a rap, a rap, you know, “The Rapper,” and other hit singles that paved the way for harmony success.

Jimmie Ross

The Jaggerz member Jimmie Ross reminisces on groove, soul, and his talents of hitting the high notes. From a fleet of Lincolns to the chic purple Lincoln of his own, listen to the travels and taste in music that created an iconic music legacy.

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