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#YaJagoff Podcast

The Foodtruck A-Palooza

March 13, 2018

The food truck has become the end all–be all of favorite eateries in Pittsburgh, and the variety excites ‘burghers even more. So, the foodtruck frenzy at the Monroeville ExpoMart made sense to park our podcast. We enjoyed a vast array of food, live music, a craft market, vendors and voted for Pittsburgh’s best food truck. We welcomed Mac McAfferty, Parade Chairman and Maggie Cloonan, Grand Marshall of the St. Patty’s Day parade. Plus, Paul Furiga, President and CEO Wordwrite Communications, weighs in on the significance of YaJagoff and 100! We were lucky to have Chandler Carranza from Ole Smokey take a break from his booth to share spirits.

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Next week we will celebrate OUR fave time of the year, the wearin’ o the green…St. Patrick’s Day at the annual parade. Visit us on our own float decorated with TSE! Then, Total Sports Enterprises will hold the first NHL signing of 2018 with the one and only Bryan Rust at the one and only Foundry on the North Shore. Instead of hitting the mall, Rust fans can see him at the Foundry on Saturday March 24th at 1 p.m. Plus watch this week for more details about a brunch before Bryan at the Foundry to get a taste of the fab food at the Foundry as well as a taste of one of the Penguins finest players. Visit and the YaJagoff Facebook page for more details.

WHAT WAS ON THE BLOG—Diamondbacks jagoff term of endearment! Wheeling Nailers game!

Question of the Day

What would your food truck be?

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Episode Music: (Recorded Live at the Food Truck A Palooza)

YaJagoff Podcast Show Notes


We are at the GoodTastePGH Food Truck A Palooza. From bites to specific entrée options and even desserts, we kinda put the looza in this indoor foodtruck phenom. The smells linger but John and Rachael chat up the impending parade and Rust signing at The Foundry on March 24th.


Rachel Maga of Ten Four Social, responsible for getting us involved, talks about the Food Truck A Palooza possibilities and is if the lines wrapped around the building weren’t indicative of the success, the social media fanfare was over 10,000! What food truck would she be?


Shawn Snyder, Monroeville VFD #6 are the benefactors of some of the Food Truck A Palooza proceeds. Did you know that the pool of volunteers for firefighters is at an all-time low? And we move Shawn along quickly so he doesn’t have a chance to tell old “John was drinkin’ beer” stories!


Paul Furiga, WordWrite Communications, is in for some breaking news! But first, WordWrite has started a new media project, website… articles and videos of Pittsburgh in 100 words or 100 seconds respectively. Most importantly, Paul attests to the need for humor in marketing, plus what food truck would Paul be?


Chandler Carranza, Ole Smoky Distillery, makes friends no matter where his whiskey pops up because of his killer personality and whiskey flavors! Today he brought a 60-proof salty caramel whiskey! Better yet, he is participating in the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Man/Woman of the Year! Help him at this link.


Mac McAfferty, Parade Chairman, Maggie Cloonan, 2018 Grand Marsha, and Kevin Conboy, all of the Pittsburgh St. Patrick’s Day Parade, are amidst the palooza. Maggie takes over the podcast chatting about the criteria of Ms. Smiling Irish Eyes and her Irish brogue will melt ya! They divulge details on cost that make the parade the best in the US and even prepare with a Mass at St. Patrick’s since it is a family-friendly to-do! BTW, there is a 46-foot potato coming to the parade!

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