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The FanMastic Podcast  

November 17, 2020

Brad Factor teaches the jagoffs how to factor in a VR element to enhance job training with the world’s first robotic VR shoes, and thankfully the Campisi’s add some ‘spark’ to any job site.  Plus, they deliver within a 10-mile radius.  Olga George checks in with a new platform for her own Caribbean cooking while Ben Williams’ Mastic Trail team puts us in a get-away frame of mind at his new island getaway just north of Pittsburgh.

MUSIC: Juan Vasquez Band
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4:25 Ben Williams

Mastic Trails Brewing was a dream getaway that became a reality thanks to former CFO Ben Williams. He took shared his love for the Caribbean shoreline with Director of Hospitality Operations Ryan Dodge and Chef Justin Lewis, and now from menu options like Oxtail and Jamaican barbecue to specialty drinks and brews, the old Glenshaw Moose Lodge is becoming a staycation location.

16:22 Brad Factor

Founder and CEO of EKTO VR, Brad Factor pulls up to the tropics to talk about the future of VR and robotic wearables as the world’s first robotic VR solution. He’s developing the next generation’s industrial applications and the future of entertainment. Just another CMU grad slowly taking over the world with breakthrough technology.

28:41 Joe Lindsay Campisi

Gibsonia natives and partners of Spark Wine Company, Joe and Lindsey Campisi uncork the backstory of opening their own wine company during a pandemic. From traditional wines like Chardonnay, to an Erie-born favorite Catawba, they make and bottle their sweet expertise complete with dragon label that may have something to do with a fur baby.

42:10 Olga George

Caribbean culinary guru Olga George throws flair and flavor into her passion of OG Cooking, so, sharing her old-world and old-school stories about cooking and convos in her island kitchen was fitting. Expanding and educating more on the art of Caribbean cooking, you can find her spicing things up with Whirl Magazine and her official OG Cooking YouTube channel!

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