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Non Profit Seminar – Social Media

  1. Let’s get social. Which social media platforms are popular now? Do you need to be on all of them? How do you even get started? What about hashtags? Don’t worry, we’ll start you on the right path and show you tips along the way so you don’t get overwhelmed. 
    1. Identify your audience. Where are they? Go there. 
    2. Once identified, who fits where? A general, and older population tends to live on FB while a younger demo is found on IG. More headline style, news gatherers prefer Twitter and LinkedIn is a business platform. 
    3. Hashtag best practices 
  2. You run a business and a media company. Step back from your business, put on your marketing and PR hat, and look at it as a brand.  
    1. You may think what you’re doing is boring, but people love helicopters and firetrucks. Tell your stories. Share behind the scenes. 
  3. Facebook isn’t just for old people. How to create a Facebook business page, step by step.  
    1. Filling out your account info 
    2. Business Manager, Creator Studio 
    3. Give ads overview maybe? 
    4. Creating reels 
  4. Yes, people still use Twitter. Creating an effective bio, finding your audience on Twitter, getting your tweet in front of more eyes, and saving your sanity on a platform that feels like everyone is shouting all the time. 
    1. Create account 
    2. Curating your feed, muting words and people 
  5. Instagram is more than just food pics. Importance of creating eye-catching content and how use hashtags, reels, and stories. 
    1. Share stories on FB and IG 
    2. Set up a Linktree 
    3. Creating reels 
  6. YouTube is actually a social media channel. We’ll help you engage with an audience that only wants to watch videos. 
  7. You don’t have to hire an intern to create TikTok content. TikTok has a variety of easy to use tools and we’ll show you how to keep up with trends. 
  8. Video is still king. If you’re able to, start with a video. Video is engaging content and can be repurposed for use on other social platforms, blogs, ads, and more. 
  9. Podcasts are back again. A few simple tools and basic hardware can introduce your business to an audience who enjoys listening to brand stories on their commute and at work. 
  10. Now you’re a graphic designer! Utilizing Canva and other online apps. 
    1. Free alternatives to Adobe 
  11. I’m on social media now, do I still need a website? What about an email list?  
    1. Social media is your embassy; your website is your home country. (look at #2) 
    2. Think of your social media account with the highest number of followers. Now imagine that platform goes away and you’ve lost that connection with your audience, what do you do? You own your email list forever. 
  12. Teamwork makes the dream work. Let’s put it all together. (Summary) 

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