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#YaJagoff Podcast

Longevity at Lidia’s

March 12, 2019

No better place to gather around the dining table than at Lidia’s WITH Lidia Bastianich, Chic Influencer partners,Melanie Mitro KatyUrsta, legendary Pittsburgh writer MikeMachosky,catering and food specialty guru Jackie Page-Heidelberg.Benny Faiella and son Matt completed the ultimate Italian experience with authentic Italian mandolin music.

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Question of the Day

Is it easier to start something new or maintain an oldie but goodie?

02:10 Lidia Bastianich

Gracious host and the face ofLidia’s, Lidia herself joins the podcast in true hospitality to talk about one of Pittsburgh’s most iconic restaurants while answering 18rapid-fire, andpersonal,questions in honor of Lidia’s 18thAnniversary of success and longevity. Hear simple, childhood stories of nostalgia and talks of her memoir as she dishes out personal tales of her road to becoming a legend in creating pure, authentic Italian cuisine.

16:25 Chic Influencer

Co-owners of Chic Influencer, KatyUrstaand MelanieMitrojoin the podcast to reveal their secret recipes for building brands and targeting the right audience through social platforms and more through network marketing. Though passion for pasta is a must when visiting Lidia’s, the ladies teach female entrepreneurs in finding a solid foundation in utilizing the best resources for each business. From online businesses to boutiques and real estate, Chic Influencer has helped over 300 female business owners throughout the community.

31:55 Mike Machosky

Long-timePittsburghwriter,MikeMachosky,indulges in sweet delicacies and talks about his longevity in Pittsburgh through theTribandNEXTpittsburgh.Machoskyhas even expanded his writing into the world of PR inMarkowitz Communications. He covers all topics of writing and lists a couple of favorite interviews such as Mac Miller and Snoop Dogg. The multifaceted pro in journalism always has a story to tell through each of his niches.

52:53 Jackie Page-Heidelberg

Jackie, Owner ofJackie Kennedy Catering LLC,jumps on the podcast as a surprise guest in order to talk about her food journey. Her newest venture involves opening a second business,Love Rocks Café, which focuses on local and sustainable food for a healthy, non-waste lifestyle. The new café hasopened upin the heart of McKees Rocks, just in time for her two-year anniversary of Jackie Kennedy Catering LLC.

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