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#YaJagoff Podcast

John and Rachael Sound The Siren For EMS Week

May 22, 2018

Ambulance chasing used to be a “thing” for news folks and even ‘burgh radio dispatch eaves droppers, with the sophistication of news reporting and progression of medicine, ambulances are state-of-the-art transportation vehicles where the EMS professionals perform state-of-the-art patient care. In honor of EMS week, Chief Farrow of the Pittsburgh EMS station joins us as we salute a few relevant folks like EMS Mental Health, Resiliency and Critical Incident Stress Management specialist, Sheila Roth, PhD, LCSW, EMT-B, Vince Mosesso, MD, Department of Emergency Medicine, UPMC – Presbyterian and Andrew Conte, Director of Point Park University’s Center for Media Innovation and former reporter for the Tribune-Review.

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Question of the Day

In honor of EMS Week, you are a first responder, which famous person’s home do you wish to be called for a cat in the tree kind of thing, not emergency?

06:20 Intro

Chief Farrow of Pittsburgh EMS welcomes some jagoffrey in his station to celebrate the valor of the EMS industry. The Chief lets us in on the progression of the EMS world and lets us chat the health industry pros and cons from an actual ambulance.


It is old home week in the back of an ambulance with John reminiscing his EMS days. Sheilia Roth and Vince Mosesso join us to weigh in on the evolution of the unsung hero industry. Sheila specifically sheds some light on the mental aspect of working in EMS and how important it was to her going along on rides to fully understand the way EMS works. Likewise, Vince began his career in an ambulance and worked his way to an emergency department physician for the perfect life-saving balance. On a lighter note though, whose home would they prefer to visit for a non-emergency reason?


Andrew Conte started as a reporter at the Tribune-Review and now wears the coveted crown of king of media at the Center for Media Innovation at Point Park University.He talks about the difference in reporting and its evolution as well as the astounding growth of Point Park as a university. He tells a funny top-secret ambulance story also.

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