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#YaJagoff Podcast

 It’s A Pierogi Kinda Podcast    

September 3, 2018

Kennywood Park Pierogi Festival is stuffed with pierogi vendors, and the jagoffs followed suit with the podcast guests, including Lisa from Kennywood’s Sponsorship and Events Department to boast of Pierogi Fest Part Two.  The Western PA SNPJ Buttonbox Polka band, known as the Palastros, return with toe-tapping favorites.  Victoria Bradley tells us what is on the table in the next issue of Table Mag, Joe Landolina chats up the ‘Mazathon’ happening in October for Pirate fans, and Elizabeth Wolfe from PEMF (Pittsburgh Emergency Medicine Foundation) touts about the handful of tickets left to their first ever Wine, Women and Shoes charitable event happening Friday and Andy from Pittsburgh Smokehouse tells us why meat toppings perfect the pierogi.

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Question of the Day

What’s your best stuffing? These pierogis are complete with that special something inside, what’s your best something inside? Ehem, best attribute?

1:10 Lisa from Kennywood’s Events Department

Lisa describes the success of pierogi fest from last year warranting a year two with 25 vendors and other festivities. She fielded calls and emails to perfect the pierogi party with consumer faves.

8:44 Joe Landolina

As a baseball and history fan, Joe has been attending the Forbes Field Wall event to recognize Bill Maz and the Pirates World Series game regularly since 1994 when maybe three or four dozen people attended. Now with over a thousand in attendance, Joe basks in the event’s success without formal advertising. Also, what is his other new endeavor that is a blast from the past? Deets on

25:42 Victoria Bradley

John managed to pitch three ideas for Table Magazine without striking out.  Victoria takes a break from pierogi tallying and talks about the upcoming Wedding edition to Table, as well as the importance to keep their picturesque mags as coffee table must haves as well as some digital content for balance. Plus, what is her side gig keeping her busy?

39:31 Elizabeth Wolfe

PEMF takes a stab at a franchised event called Wine, Women, and Shoes and sold 350 tickets within the first few days thanks to its existing success, or maybe the words wine and shoes?

42:17 Andy from Pittsburgh Smokehouse

Andy breaks from his wrap-around line for barbeque topped pierogis to weigh in on why he deserves to win the People’s Choice Award again this year.  What is his secret to success?

47:26 Palastro Family

Hello world it’s a song that they’re singing, come on get happy.  This family simply enjoys playing festivals events together to preserve a cultural phenom known as the polka song. The trio discusses the differences in polkas with instruments.  Which type of polka band are they? Get there  “”The Western PA SNPJ Buttonbox Polka CDs on the YaJagoff website store:

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