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Instagram for Rohrich

Thanks for being interested in using Instagram to help you build your “personal brand” as a Rohrich representative.

  • We realize social media isn’t for everyone.
  • We know that technology can be challenging.
  • We understand that some may not know the what a hashtag is #Hashtag
  • Nothing beats a face-to-face personal touch to selling (socially distanced, of course)

Facebook, Twitter, TikTok can be helpful to your selling but this presentation will focus on Instagram

Instagram logo

Instagram statistics for 2020: 1 billion monthly active Instagram users. The average post on Instagram contains 10.7 hashtags. 71% of the billion monthly active users on the Instagram app are under the age of 35.


  1. Download the app to your phone. Cannot post via a laptop/desktop
  2. Create an account (Your name or unique brand name i.e. Pittsburgh_Car_Guy
  3. Remember your password!
  4. Create a profile photo (most of this can come from Facebook if you’d like)
  5. Decide what you will post and what you will NOT post
    1. Family photos
    2. Customer photos
    3. Hobby photos
    4. Work photos
    5. Sports photos
    6. Vehicle highlight photos
    7. Like posts
    8. Comment on posts
    9. Shared posts – How to share (Extra app like Repost) Repost App
    10. Hashtags #Pittsburgh #PittsburghCars #PittsburghHonda #NewCarSmell
    11. Tagging Other (Like @RohrichAutomotive and @RohrichHonda @RohrichToyota @RohrichMazdaPGH)
  6. Don’t be afraid!!  You won’t break it!
  7. How people view it.. They scroll.. QUICKLY so catch their eye!


Overview of an account page with profile information


HASHTAG Examples #PittsburghCars

Accounts to Emulate 



Top 1%  of realtors in country



419 followers with quotes as hook/personal


Slogan like 

Series of photos of buyers— profile them 

  • Dryer Vent Wizard