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Episode 63, A Grass-Fed Farm to Table Episode

March 28, 2017

For the second year, we are recording at the amazing Farm to Table Pittsburgh annual conference at the David Lawrence Convention Center.  Connie, our professional mall walker friend stops by to creep out Erin Hart again! We have the Bob from the Republic Food Enterprise Center, the differences of eating grass fed beef, chicken and pork.  Pittsburgh’s own Johnny Angel and the Halos are getting ready to celebrate 50 years and Ed Bailey of the Drinking Partners Podcast found a new favorite breakfast!

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YaJagoff! Podcast – Show Notes: Episode Music:The Hobbs Sisters/Boomerang


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We are at the annual Pittsburgh Farm to Table Conference but make sure you get in and VOTE on the “Things That Turn People Into Jagoffs” March Madness Tournament!


Erin Hart, from the American Healthcare Group, give us the best lesson in why the farm to table is so important to our health AND the local economy and talks about the fallacy of it being “too expensive.”



R“Connie,” the professional mall walker, from last week, finds us again!!



Bob Junk of the Republic Food Enterprise Center and how his facility helps food entrepreneurs and farms bridge the gap between farm and table.  He also has a radio show, every Friday, 11:15am on WMBS called “Locally Yours.”



 Josh Lark, owner of 1st Generations Farms, raises grass fed beef, poultry and pork. But John’s concerned about how you eat them after you name and pet them. His meats are not available on line.



Jack Hunt and Bubba from the Johnny Angel and the Halos band.  Chuck Berry stories, how they started harmonizing in a tunnel in the neighborhood and, BIG NEWS, their upcoming 50th Anniversary Show on April 8th.  What did they like best at the Farm to Table tasting?



Pittsburgh comedian and co-host of the Drinking Partners Podcast, Ed Bailey is back from being involved in a major car crash but he’s up and running. What is his Farm to Table tasting favorite? Can he hook us up with drinks?



That’s it!  Thanks again to the Farm to Table gang for having us! And to Missy Moreno for “Connie”

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