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Episode 32, Porch Tour #2, Zombies and Jokes

August 2, 2016

This is the second of 4 Summer Porch Tour Podcasts, presented by The Port Authority! We are in Mount Lebanon right next to the “T” line and Amanda and Steve’s place. It poured down rain so their porch was a little crowded! Comedian Terry Jones was with us as he’s getting ready to record an album at the Pittsburgh Improv and Scott Simmons from The Scare House brought some zombies! We interviewed the zombies AFTER they tried the Speed Pitch game from E.L.F Entertainment.

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Episode 32 Line-up: “The 2nd Porch Tour Podcast: Terry Jones and Scarehouse Zombies”

Question of the Day

Episode Music: Dumpstafunk (from the upcoming Feastival), “I Wish You Would”


It’s raining but we’re eating Ricci’s Sausage and having a good time on the porch. Our theme? Fast Food misadventures.


Scott Simmons of The ScareHouse in Etna, PA. The place is world-famous and has some deep, dark, secrets! What was his fast-food story?


Pittsburgh comedian and all-around great guy, Terry Jones is with us (he brought Bill Cosby, Eddy Murphy, and Sean Connery). He’s recording a digital album at the Pittsburgh Improv, August 11th. Get your tickets!


The zombies get interviewed. It’s a real wait for it “FACE OFF!”


We meet Steve and Amanda who were our awesome hosts! They got a bunch of prizes like.

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