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Episode 25, Holding Class Outside and Stanley Cup Dreams

June 14, 2016

The YaJagoff! Podcast | “Holding Class Outside Today” Just like in school, when your teachers would announce, “We’re moving class outside today, kids!” we are all excited to move our podcast outside to the West Park area of Pittsburgh’s North Side. And we get ice balls from Gus and Yiayia’s cart! While we waited, we talked to Sue Kerr about her #AMPLIFY project, The Food Tasters about the Deutschtown Music Festival, and the most entertaining chiropractor in Pittsburgh, Dr. Brent Shealer, talks about “Text Neck” or “Tech Neck!” And, we’re asking everyone what they would do with the Stanley Cup if they had it for one hour.

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We had a chance to record a video with singer/songwriter Michael Franti but not before we sweated our butts off and John got a flat tire after the Pens loss in game 5!


Tasha has made good with Denise Schuster from last week’s podcast and has a ton of information about things happening on the North Side, The Deutschtown Music Festival, neighborhood restaurants, and an Allegheny Inn update.


Sue Kerr, Pittsburgh LGBTQ blogger, , sits in the park with us to talk about her #AMPLIFY project: a series of blog posts that have turned into an interactive stage production at the Off The Wall Theater.


Pittsburgh’s most entertaining chiropractor, Dr. Brent Shealer, talks about an actual health issue that we, and our kids face, “Text Neck or “Tech Neck” which is a real thing!


Wrapping up, we convince Craig’s son Jack (or twist his arm as oppressive adults) to use his money to buy ice balls. He was the only one responsible enough to bring cash!

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