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Connecting Comedians, Zip Lining and Health What Else? 

August 4, 2020

John and Rachael visit a health concierge that just may be the first of its kind in primary care. Preparing for a one-of-a-kind comedy show, roomies and besties Collin Chamberlin and Ray Zawodni bring the humor, while Jeremy Goldman from PGH Zipline Company, chats up his new biz that is hanging in there to open ASAP.

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Question of the Day

People are afraid of doctors in person OR virtual. What is YOUR biggest fear that you don’t like people to know?



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4:55 Betty Rich & Elena Nagy

Owner of Connected Health Betty Rich, and intern Elena Nagy, discuss the need for a health concierge service for proactive and preventative care. From the pharmacy, fitness, nutrition, and more, Connected Health celebrates six years in the business and promotes everyday maintenance on our bods.

20:07 Jeremy Goldman

Owner of The Pittsburgh Zipline Company, Jeremy joins the podcast to discuss the reality of a zipline experience by taking the leap to the picture-perfect city skyline backdrop. From engineering, design, and history, learn about the final planning stages.

35:53 Collin Chamberlin/Ray Zawodni

Comedy geniuses and roomies Collin Chamberlin and Ray Zawodni deliver hilarity as the best form of medicine while talking about NYC life, Collin’s newest podcast called Hell Gigs, and Ray’s street-fighting skills. Learn how the two are keeping comedy alive.

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