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#YaJagoff Podcast

Comedians, Hamburgers and Mancini Bread

August 23, 2016

We recorded on the stage at the South Side Works during the Diana Rua Media “The Pittsburgher Burger Bash!” Not only did we judge 12 hamburgers, drink free beer but then, we interviewed 3 of Pittsburgh’s favorite comedians and local history mythbuster, Professor Buzzkill. Thanks to Mancini’s Bakery for being our presenting sponsor AND giving fresh bread to all of our guests!

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00:54 We are stuffed like pigs after judging 12 hamburgers but, we go on because… well… that’s what our presenting sponsor, Mancini’s Bakery would want us to do!

04:12 Comedian Gab Bonesso gives us some of her tips from the burger judging as she sits in as the official rep for The Food Tasters. She’s also doing random food review videos now including PopTarts, Lunchables and Arby’s Italian Subs!

11:41 Comedian Aaron Kleiber joins us for some Mancini’ Bread as he talks about playing Grover Cleveland in the PA Lottery TV commercials, tickling a sandbag and, his Grown Dad Business podcast.

24:11 Comedian T-Robe comes in to talk “Hummus and Hennessy” and how the Mancini’s Bread was going to go well with the beef brisket that he had smoking at home as we were talking to him.

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