Tuesday, July 14, 2020
YaJagoff Podcast - Christmas Party

#YaJagoffPodcast/ YaJagoff Holiday Celebration Special 

Summary: With the Rennebeck Christmas tree lit and Sprezzatura platters galore, the YaJagoff Media holiday party was in full swing .With a year of reflections in milestone accomplishments, and a bright horizon for 2020, the...

New Video: CharitableShareItAble – Darkside Demons

Another installment of the holiday #charitableShareitable video series with John and Rachael of the YaJagoff Podcast. These two guys are giving 100% from a T-shirt sale, to Jackson’s journey. Jackson’s...

New Video: Steel Pan Training With Barrels to Beethoven

John and Rachael stop by the studio of Barrels to Beethoven. Leigh and David talk about Leigh's father building steel pans, yes, steel pans, not steel drums, in Pittsburgh....