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Blogging 201

My running tally of information from the WordPress 201 program.

Day 1 Assignment: Set Goals

Goal #1: I think I need a better them to categorize what I do on my blog site.
There are daily blog posts (various categories, i.e. traveling Jags, driving jags, criminal jags) but they are not easy to find if you’re at my site for the first time and don’t know what to look for. Also, I think that the theme should allow the visitor to find my videos easier .. if they see/like one, how can they easily find more? Finally, I want them to find the store so I can sell some stuff.

Goal #2: Increase my knowledge of WordPress functions that can help me. As you will see from my sign-in message, I didn’t even know the difference between WordPress and

Goal #3 Increase traffic from the social channels by 25% between now and December 31st.

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