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#YaJagoff Podcast

85 From The Pittsburgh Irish Festival with an All-Female Cast (almost).

September 12, 2017

Thanks to the Pittsburgh Irish Festival, we recorded this episode with a ton of fun Pittsburghers and some peeps from Ireland to whom we tried to teach Pittsburghese! But wait! We finally got Beaver County Times Editor, Kristen Doerschner, to come on and talk about life as a crime reporter!

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YaJagoff! Podcast – Show Notes: Episode Music:The Hobbs Sisters/Boomerang


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Question of the Day

YaJagoff! Podcast – Show Notes:

What Irish Proverb best defines you?


Episode 85! We have a new regular co-host. She’s been with us before–Rachael Rennebeck is the new co-host.

What was on the blog? The drunk guy that got in the wrong car, with the keys in it and running.


Mairin Petrone, Executive Director of the Pittsburgh Irish Festival talks about the over 20-year legacy of the event. Follow the Facebook page for updates, only 360 more days until it starts again.


Wexford, PA native, Katie Grennan was a huuuuge fan of the band Gaelic Storm.  In June, she became a fiddler in the band and is now touring with them. Plus, she explains the difference between a fiddle and a violin.


Kristen Doerschner is an Editor at the Beaver County Times. Before becoming an editor, she lived the exciting life as a crime reporter. She has chased police cars and was even caught on TV news, by her mom, at a crime scene, in her pajamas.


Joan and Grainne Diver of the Screaming Orphans are outright HYSTERICAL! 4 real-life sisters touring the world playing traditional Irish music and pop music.  But, can we teach them Pittsburghese?


Thanks as always to Frank, Wayne and Hannah of the Pittsburgh Podcast Network and to Mairin and everyone at the Pittsburgh Irish Festival. We had a blast.
Thoughts out to our producer Wayne Weil who was attending his father’s funeral.