Yakkin With Ya Jagoff, Dennis Bowman, Meteorologist KDKA-TV

We are yakkin with CBS – Pittsburgh meteorologist, Dennis Bowman.

He’s about to retire. So now what?

The best of luck to you Dennis!  Enjoy sleeping in.

Honored that you would let us come have some fun with an interview.

You’re a special Pittsburgher!


For the production!

Pirates Opening Day – 2015


Well….it’s here!  And despite working out, i.e: yoga, tabida, practicing sucking nacho cheese off of my fingers…  trying to take care of myself during the pre-season , I have a @#$#ing head cold!

I have searched the PNC Park website to see if I can take in a ShopVac vacuum.  It seems to be the only way that I can keep my sinuses clear.  And, despite what it looks like when I use it, its not all that uncomfortable  when I stick the thing up my nasal passages.

Either way, we’re headed to the game (Thanks Alka Seltzer Cold Medicine.)  We’re playing the Detroit Tigers…”Pirates and Tigers and BEERS, oh my!”

In the meantime, feel free add comments below on other ways to not be an Opening Day Jagoff.

Pittsburgh Earth Day – April 22nd, Market Square


April 22nd


Market Square


So, are ya gonna be there?  Keep watching for these videos and other Earth Day Jagoffery posts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!

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Big thanks to Pittsburgh comedians Collin Chamberlin, Matt Light, Andy Picarro and Ray Zawodni for the creative juices and beer!