What We Mean When We Say….

Sometimes we use our own phrases and terms on this website.

Here’s what we mean when we say….

Block-blocker – A motor vehicle maneuver, usually done by insecure and other ignorant people, designed to prevent someone from changing lanes or crossing traffic

“Cluster Truck” Situation – Name for a situation that is a total mess, caused by a truck or bus. There’s really a DIFFERENT name in the real world but this is a family-friendly website.  

Jagoff-estrator – Just like a sports telesrator, we draw lines on things to help explain what is going on

Jagoffery – The act of being a Jagoff

“Newspaper Whose Name Is Now Banned By Us” – Printed news outlet in Pittsburgh that banned the use of the word Jagoff so we banned the use of THEIR name.. initials are P.G.

Peter Parker – Well, there’s a nickname for “Richard” that one might use to describe how these people park BUT “Peter” seems like a better word since, this is a family show, AND it flows better ….with Parker so you get, “Peter Parker.”

Soap Word – a substitute for a swear word… kind of like #$!$$ only better.  A word my mom would soap my mouth for using.