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There are 3,187 nonprofit organizations in the Pittsburgh region or about 11.1 nonprofits for every 10,000 residents.  Wut?!  It is more than double for all of Western Pennsylvania.  So that got us thinking about how jagoffs can help since it is the season of giving.  So, ‘Ja...

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New Video: Jaggin’ Around With the KDKA Turkey Fund at Pittsburgh Community Food Bank

New Video: 4,500 lbs of apples!   John and Rachael went to the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank with the peeps from Pittsburgh Today Live. The...
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Shouldn’t a Donut Shop Have Donuts?

Pretty sure that, when your name is Dunkin' Donuts, people expect you to have DONUTS! Annnnd... if you run out of donuts, especially in...
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A Jagoff ‘W’ 

Written by Rachael.. one of North Hills School District's New School Board Members We have a jagoff victory!  I flippin’ won a seat on the...
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Halloween Candy Thieves!

Thought this was a treat trick.. (see what I did there?) but nope! Two adult mails were driving around Clairton taking Halloween candy from...

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