Saturday, September 19, 2020

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You know how when you were in school and someone fell down the steps or walked into the open door of a locker, you waited a quick second to make sure they were not maimed  before you laughed? This...

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Jagoff Pic of Bellevue Streets

Bellevue Streets are the Cleanist

Rach appreciates non-jagoffs in Bellevue! I’ve seen weathered streets, like discolored concrete and broken up. But what constitutes dirty?  I mean obviously Southside in its prime after the first...
A Jagoff Parking Job

Parallel Parking vs. Isosceles (triangle) Parking

So maybe you're not good a parallel parking. Maybe you just washed the car and did a little extra care on the rim to...
Massive amount of birds fling over Pittsburgh

Massive Amount of Jagoff Birds Coming over Pgh Today

Look.. don't get too crazy but, saw this on the the internet!!  (You know the place where everything is true!) A “high intensity” bird migration...
Flight 93

9/11 And This Hat

If you’re new to this blog, the post below is something that I post each year.   Always conflicted about posting this each year. I...
YaJagoff Blog Bad Neighbors

A “For Real” Keep-Your-Ball-Outta-My-Yard Story

We all remember, or at least say that we remember, an elderly neighbor story where there was a cranky neighbor that would keep the...

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