Friday, April 3, 2020

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Here is the final set of Sweet 16 brackets of 2020!   Staying in Quarantine Too Long– This one is perfect.. because is shows someone read the hashtag correctly! LOL.. “Things (Like a Quarantine) That Turn People Into Jagoffs ! (From Roman R,...

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YaJagoff March Madness Bracket 3

2019 Jagoff Bracket, Sweet 16, Third Group

Here is the third set of brackets for 2020! The Coronavirus– Hard to keep this one off of the list! (Vince and Mike H, Pittsburgh) vs. Highway...
YaJagoff March Madness Bracket

2019 Jagoff Bracket, Sweet 16, Second Group

Here is the 2nd set of brackets for 2020! Sunglasses Inside– People who wear sunglasses inside that aren’t prescription of course (Vince, Pittsburgh) vs. People Who Don’t Pick-up After Their Dogs(Mark, Facebook)   Pothole Dodgers–...
March Madness by YaJagoff

2019 Jagoff Bracket, Sweet 16, First Group

Here is the first set of brackets for 2020! 2019 Bracket Winner: MEANDER-thals  – Event walkers or diagonal-walking-street-crossers – Just go straight, get off your phone and...
cup of joe yajaogff


If someone starts a conversation with who’s there, who ‘dat, and the answer is Joe… you know what’s next. Come on folks, Joe who?...
Coronavirus Jagoff

Oh.. Look at THIS from Wooster, Ohio

Hey.. look at what Pete from Wooster, Ohio did!  This is awesome.. Just like our Christmas messages but.. better! Thanks Peter for being and awesome...

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