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Grocery Store Jagoffs

Shopping “Buggy” Jagoffs – 4th of July

Just left the cart write there, a mere 18-feet, as noted by the Jagoffestrator There are 2 potential options where any considerate person would have placed it.  But nope! Left it sitting there in the lot, just tempting it to go dancing in the wind….right into the side of someone’s car.  Let alone, making it more difficult for the buggy-ranchers who walk all over the lot corralling the buggies.

Side Note: It’s great that we employ people to wrangle the buggies BUT.. they are employed because the rest of us are LAZY!

Guess this shopper had to scurry home so that they could get their chipped ham and olive loaf into the fridge before it spoiled!  Hey.. what kind of time would it take out of your self-absorbent busy day to move the cart where it’s supposed to be, Ya Jagoff?