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    A New Jaggin’ Around Video: Kiya Tomlin

    A new Jaggin’ Around Video: Kiya Tomlin John and Rachael Rennebeck got to jag around with Kiya Tomlin who creates her own fashion, including a new black and gold line of “game day”...

    New Video: Chuck Tanner and a Magic Whiskey Cup

    John and Rachael are promoting the Pittsburgh Rotary annual Chuck Tanner MLB Manager of the Year Award Banquet with magician Seth Neustein and his uncle’s favorite dugout whiskey cup! Get...

    #YaJagoffPodcast/ The Reporter’s Role at the Tree of Life Tragedies   

    Summary: The tragic day, in which every Pittsburgher recalls in October, has reached its one-week mark.  The community building, congregation healing, and overall #PittsburghStrong journey continues. John and Rachael sip and quite frankly sob at The Coffee...

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