Wednesday, March 3, 2021

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    YaJagoff Podcast Coronavirus

    #YaJagoffPodcast/ A Check-in with Chains of Command 

    Summary: The jagoffs can’t be on a location, but they can still chat Pittsburgh. They phone friends like Tony Fratto, former White House Deputy Press Secretary and Assistant Secretary of the Department of Treasury, plus the Allegheny County...
    YaJagoff Live Coming with Comedians and Musicians

    YaJagoff “Live” is Coming! Get in Front of Your Screen on Wednesday!

    Corona has created a Groundhog Day pattern.  Remember the Bill Murray movie based on our Punxsutawney tradition where each day is repeated?  Well, welcome to Day 7 of social distancing, that could feel like...
    Coronavirus YaJAgoff Podcast

    EXCLUSIVE: John and Rachael Interview the Coronavirus

    If we could land ONE interview—the mother of all possibilities, John used to say Sir Elton and Rachael George W. OR Zac Brown, and then Corona hit.  Hands down that...