Sunday, July 5, 2020

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    YaJAgoff Podcast Board and Brush

    #YaJagoffPodcast/ Board & Brush & Jagoffs 

    Summary: The jagoffs attempt some crafting at the DIY haven, Board and Brush Pittsburgh North in Gibsonia. Franchise owner Leona shared her talents with John and Rachael, as well as their guests: weatherman extraordinaire Jeff Verszyla, and author and coach, Cori Wamsley, who joined in...
    March Madness Bracket Elite 8

    2020 March Madness Bracket – Elite 8, Day 1

    Here we go! Elite 8. Look who survived.. last year's poll winner, MEANDER-thals! Here are the definitions just in case you're new here! 2019 Bracket Winner: MEANDER-thals  – Event walkers or diagonal-walking-street-crossers –...
    YaJagoff Blog Post of Pittsburgh

    Hey Slim Jim! Can I Park Here?

    Unless Mr. Pipecleaner parked the car on the right, we’re thinking the driver of the van on the left needs to be reminded that those white painted thingies on...