Friday, January 22, 2021

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    Pittsburgh Podcast 2021 Fireplance Tour #2

    #YaJagoffPodcast/ J&D Waterproofing Fireplace Tour Visit #2 Murph’s Turf  

    Summary: Chris Murphy and work partner Vince Merlina are helping live music venues to regain their stages, Katie Dudas and Elyse Levkulic AKA Burgh Nosh, are helping the local food scene curb their menus with an easy Pittsburgh hashtag, and Mark Ferrari crunes about...
    Steelers Lose to Browns

    Steelers Lose to The.. (urrrghhh)..Can’t Say It!

    Well, things were set for today.  We had a nice blog post about a really good grocery store jagoff because whodda thunk that we would have needed to write...
    Jagoff Dog Pittsburgh Jagoff

    You Dirty Dog!

    I don’t dislike Tanner, but he makes liking him difficult when he barks incessantly.  Specifically, each time a zoom is beginning, or when it is my turn to speak during a WebEx meeting, or when...