Saturday, July 4, 2020

YaJagoff Blog

    YaJagoff Podcast Mattress on Truck

    The Brand New 90-degree Mattress

    Once again, someone who doesn’t have a friend with a pick-up truck. Was “Two Men and a Truck” too expensive?  Was the discount version of them, “One Man and a...
    Coronavirus YaJAgoff Podcast

    EXCLUSIVE: John and Rachael Interview the Coronavirus

    If we could land ONE interview—the mother of all possibilities, John used to say Sir Elton and Rachael George W. OR Zac Brown, and then Corona hit.  Hands down that...
    YaJagoff Podcast Build Your Own Podcast

    Build Your Own Podcast Voting (Round 4)

    Ok.. we're getting close to having a final round! Vote today to build your own YaJagoff Podcast. Thursday... we will get all of your first-five round responses for the...