Wednesday, October 21, 2020
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    Jagoff Drivers on One Way Lane

    The ONE Way That is the Wrong Way

    Ok, we admit, this is a bit of low-level jagoffery but, it's still jagoffery.  The part you do not see in this photo of a car clearly pointing the...
    YaJagoff Blog Post

    Do You Play If/Then? 

    Rach is If/Then-ing today! Scenario: someone says there are a group of us willing to give you a little something something.  Then you say okay thanks.  Well, sometimes it is not...
    Dueling Pianos on YaJagoff Podcast Again

    It’s Last Call, Ya Jagoffs! 

    Sweet Caroline, Ba Ba Ba, good times never seemed so good so good, so good!  So, let’s do it ONE MORE TIME!  Ba, Ba, Ba!  The Rohrich Automotive Pick Up & Go Live shows successfully brought people to...