Wednesday, October 21, 2020
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    YaJagoff Podcast Build Your Own Podcast

    Build Your Own Podcast Voting (Round 4)

    Ok.. we're getting close to having a final round! Vote today to build your own YaJagoff Podcast. Thursday... we will get all of your first-five round responses for the...
    YaJagoff Blog Post Dewey DooDoo

    Dewey Got Dropped Shipped Some Dog Doo-doo

    Hmmmm... who does this kind of stuff?  Wait... what ADULT does this kind of stuff?  Wait...even more, who does this kind of stuff knowing full well that Post Offices...
    YaJAgoff Podcast Board and Brush

    #YaJagoffPodcast/ Board & Brush & Jagoffs 

    Summary: The jagoffs attempt some crafting at the DIY haven, Board and Brush Pittsburgh North in Gibsonia. Franchise owner Leona shared her talents with John and Rachael, as well as their guests: weatherman extraordinaire Jeff Verszyla, and author and coach, Cori Wamsley, who joined in...