Saturday, July 11, 2020
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YaJagoff Blog and leftovers

    Cookout Leftovers… What Now?

    John wrote today's post-picnic post! Ok.. remember the pre-pandemic days when ya used to go to work.....and hang out with people...and co-workers brought in leftover Halloween candy the day after...
    YaJagoff Podcast Wit Nicholas Hart

    #YaJagoffPodcast/ A Katie, a Kathy and some Hart 

    Summary: Sister Cities exudes Pittsburgh values thanks to first Executive Director Kathy Risko, while Katie Love talks valuing her new momma time AND balancing social media clients.  Nicholas Hart chats up being a play-by-play guy through his...
    YaJagoff Blog and Podcast Car with Duct Tape

    Duct Tape Fix All? 

    Duct tape is a staple in my house. It has been used for broken lunch boxes, hockey sticks, and I have even seen my husband wrap his bleeding, busted...