Friday, April 3, 2020
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    YaJagoff March Madness Bracket

    2019 Jagoff Bracket, Sweet 16, Second Group

    Here is the 2nd set of brackets for 2020! Sunglasses Inside– People who wear sunglasses inside that aren’t prescription of course (Vince, Pittsburgh) vs. People Who Don’t Pick-up After Their Dogs(Mark, Facebook)   Pothole Dodgers– Driver that suddenly slam on...
    yaJagoff Podcast BuckleUp Baby

    #YaJagoffPodcast/ March Came in Like a Lion and out with Conor Lamb 

    Summary: The jagoffs park it on Pearl Avenue, yet again, still discussing a little bit of Corona with Congressman Conor Lamb, the meme mantra with ‘Buckle-Up Baby’ star Tyler and his mom Hillary. Plus, they created a little CBD jingle for Frank Murgia and Trust...
    March Madness by YaJagoff

    2019 Jagoff Bracket, Sweet 16, First Group

    Here is the first set of brackets for 2020! 2019 Bracket Winner: MEANDER-thals  – Event walkers or diagonal-walking-street-crossers – Just go straight, get off your phone and pick up the pace! (From...