Friday, July 3, 2020
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    Hot Dog Work-Lunch Jagoff

    This Facebook post came across and I honestly laughed out loud (LOL for you NON-Initial-buffs). "Today was Hot Dog Thursday at work. One of my co-workers had 5 dogs. I...

    “That Guy” At Work With The Fake 32″ Waist

      Have you seen this guy at work, at the mall, walking through town????  That guy that refused to believe that he can't fit into his belt from 10 years...
    YaJagoff Podcast Stapler Jagoffs at Work

    National Fill Your Stapler Day??? – That’s EVERY DAY!

    According to the querky calendars, today is National Fill Your Stapler Day?  Well... isn't EVERY day fill your stapler day? I mean, every time I go to use a stapler,...