Sunday, September 27, 2020
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Parking Lot Jagoffs

    Really? A Triple Play of Peter Parkers??????

    What in theeeeeeeeee world is going on??  Handicap spaces are meant for those that are challenged, PHYSICALLY... not "Parking Challenged!!!" Here's a quick description of the "Peter Parker Triple" pic...

    A Lotta-Carmel-Crappa-Macchiato “Peter Parker”

    The pic above of the Lotta-Carmel-Crappa-Macchiato "Peter Parker" was sent to us.  And being familiar with where this photo was taken, we HAD to make this an immediate post. Here...

    Jagoff Super Hero In Action!

      So this is a "Jagoff Catching" in action!!! Let's set the scene.  Guy driving blue truck pulls up to mail box.  Does he use it?  NO! He actually goes into the...