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    Jagoff Parkers Today – Including Something Moscow

      Welcome to the Friday-which-was-supposed-to-be-Thursday's-but-wasn't-because-it-didn't'-get-finished-due-t0-the-internet-outage blog post!  We have another PLETHORA of "Peter Parkers" today. For those that are new and don't have a clue what a "Peter Parker" is, here's...
    Parking Jagoffs, YaJagoff Podcast


    Today's blog post written by Rachael Rennebeck, co host of the YaJagoff Podcast while John is still recovering in the ICU from witnessing the stupidity of...

    Post Labor Day Parking Jagoff Trio

      Have you ever heard of the "Peter Parker Trio?"  Nope, they were not a Doo-wop group on the last WQED membership  drive!  The photo above is a Peter Parker...

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