Thursday, April 2, 2020

Criminal Jagoffs

    EMS Crew Attacked?

    Awwww hell nawwww!!!  Good ol' Eleanor Thorpe decided that the EMS professionals assessing and treating her father needed a bit of a beating...right in the middle of taking care of...

    A Police Car- Might Be the Wrong Car to ALLEGEDLY Hijack

    I almost missed this story.  I heard it on WPXI as I was getting out of the shower, knew it was perfect, but had nothing with which to make a note.  Thankfully...

    Today’s Post Is NOT Ben Roethlisberger’s New Wife!

      Well, we were CLOSE to posting the NEW Mrs. Big Ben here, cuz when ya do the math (they met in 2005 and then all of the events SINCE then...Georgia, Vegas?) she looks...