Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Criminal Jagoffs

    “Super” Burglar Forgets Disguises Might Be a Good Idea

      WOW!  WTAE-TV is on a roll this week.  Here's another story "Criminal Jagoff" story that fits us PERFECTLY!! So this lady is being sought for an ALLEGED attempted shop lifting...

    B Double E Double R-U-N

    It's been QUITE a while since we had a News Jagoff!!!  And THIS story is basically a trifecta!  The guy who escaped from the jail cell... the guy that...

    Is That A Phone In Your Pocket Or………….

    So we were VERY confident what today's post was going to be when we saw WPXI's Cara Sapida's Facebook note, yesterday morning: Man accused of surfing pornographic websites in front...