Monday, July 6, 2020

Criminal Jagoffs

    Burglar Caught By A Redial Button

      Given the Fourth of July Holiday, we got a little backed up on posting Jagoff stories (insert your very own My-Grandpap-was-always-saying-he-was-backed-up-and-used-an-enema-2-times-each-month joke here.) This story is just awesome....ya wonder who...
    Teacher Identity Stolen Jagoff

    One “Bad Apple” Keeps the Teachers Away

    Yeah.. I know that phrase is supposed to be "... keeps the Dr. away" but, teachers are associated with apples somehow too so I took some literary license. This teacher...

    The Dumbest Bank Robber

    My man!  Last name is Flory.. so let's call him "Marc Andre FLORY" since the Pens beloved goalie, Marc Andrew Fluery robbed a few peeps in his day! You can...