Saturday, July 4, 2020

Criminal Jagoffs

    Dumb Burglar – Smoke ’em If Ya Got ‘Em.. Unless Ya Stole ‘Em

    You know the rule.. if ya got some, smoke 'em.  Unless your like our man Shawn Jones from the New Castle area.  Here's a recap: He ALLEGEDLY broke into a...

    Pants on Backwards and Eating Dead Flowers – Sound Good?

    Remember "Backwards Day" at elementary school? Everything was backward.. ESPECIALLY your clothes! Well, me thinks that good ol' Troy Allen Loughner of Westmoreland County was reliving a childhood special moment. Summary: ...

    Getaway Car Ran Outta Gas?

    Welp… it doesn’t get much easier than this for the po-po! It didn’t take them long to figure out who ALLEGEDLY burglarized the local RiteAid. See full story on...