Monday, February 24, 2020

Criminal Jagoffs

    This Post Has Some Teeth To It.. Wait.. WHO STOLE THEM??

    So we're watching this new story.  To sum it up, a bunch of cars got burglarized in the Bridgeville area.  From one of the cars, the only thing the burglars took...

    Hey! Looky HERE! We Stole Some Money But Don’t Tell Anyone!!!

    If you haven't heard about this story, click the photo above for WPXI's Cara Sapida's version.  It's great to watch her tell the story and try and keep a straight face! This...

    Is That A Phone In Your Pocket Or………….

    So we were VERY confident what today's post was going to be when we saw WPXI's Cara Sapida's Facebook note, yesterday morning: Man accused of surfing pornographic websites in front...