Thursday, April 9, 2020
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Criminal Jagoffs

    Dumb Thief Jagoffery

    Well... nobody said ya had to be a genius to be a thief, huh?  This ain't your standard Oceans 11 guy...he's not even a McKees Rocks Creek guy. Story summary: Guy...

    Worst Bank Robbery Disguise Ever

      Not sure what to say other than ask the question, "Was it worth it?" Sometimes burglars get caught by doing something stupid like leaving a cell phone at the scene,...

    $50K For Psychic Hotline Calls?

    Oh? So that's how we treat mom? Straight outta the Jeanette area. From the WPXI story: Westmoreland County Detective Ray Dupilka told TribLIVE that Terri Lynne Padgett’s mother suffers from dementia...