Bus at Curb Jagoff

You’ve been there. Behind a Port Authority Bus.  They are on a time schedule so that have to drive the speed limit to stay on time and to be safe.  Sometimes, there time schedule doesn’t match yours or mine.  Sometimes, you learn patience by being behind a bus because there is no place to go other than to sit and wait behind the bus.


Some times, there are opportunities for the bus, who we love the fact is driving in a safe manner can alleviate the traffic jam that they are causing. No, we’re not asking that they pull over, randomly, to let traffic by.

Yes, we are asking the bus to pull into the curb to pick up their riders, i.e customers. What do you want your customers stepping out into the street. Why not pull into the curb and let the CUSTOMER get on the bus? Why not make it easier for the customer?

Yeah..I’m an impatient driver but I am also a person that believes in providing great customer service. Providing great customer service, in this case, would ALSO provide a great community service too so that me and the 12 cars behind me wouldn’t have to yell, “Get outta the way, Ya Jagoff!”

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