Pittsburgh Jagoffs, car in North Park Lake

A 24 year old guy, let’s call him Subaru Sam, tried to do a joy ride across North Park lake because it was frozen over but, he found out it wasn’t really, kind of quickly!

Before ya read this, just figure that, the dude that did this is 24. Something like 5-6 years out of high-school-stunt age. Former Penguin goalie, Matt Murray, was 21 when he one a Stanley Cup. Tristan Jarry is only 1 year older than this guy.. playing in the NHL. But..then again…not all 20ish year olds can know how to play on ice, I guess!

In the story from the P-G, the Allegheny County law enforcement spokesperson kindly let everyone know that Subaru Sam originally said he was looking for a parking spot as he passed multiple signs noting the upcoming lake and lack of roadway! But then…

“He said he thought it’d be fun to drive on the ice but then he thought it was a parking lot,” said Lt. Cmdr. Scott Scherer of the county police department.

Subaru Sam… not sure what defense we can suggest but we definitely DON’T recommend sticking with the, “I thought there was a parking lot” thing because you probs would OF stopped when you heard a little bit of a splash on your front tires.

Anyway, the big question is, what is the more embarrassing part of all of this … the fact that you tried to drive a 3,500 pound car on thin ice OR that you’re a 24 year old driving a grocery-gitter Subaru, YaJagoff?

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