The Jagoffs and the overused @symbol

It’s Presidents Day and John and Rachael decided to take a holiday.  So, I’m jumping in. It seems kinda weird that I am writing this guest blog about being overworked on a holiday when I should be resting but this is the only opportunity I could get.

Ya know how radio and TV people used to go to work, do their thing including some show prep and then go off about their merry way?  And, now, they have to post on social media, make videos, write blogs, blah, blah, blah for no more money?

Well… get on my level dawgs! I’m the @ symbol on your keyboard.

Ya know, the symbol that USED to be used only for when the home sports team had an away game! The only time I got pressed into extra duties was when some so-called creative writer wanted to swear… they would pair me up with a # and a ! and a %.

Fast forward to current day…I am used in about 500 million tweets per day, 150 million Instagram posts per day and, for those that know how to even use it on Facebook, there’s probably 30 gabillion-jillian uses per day.

So…here I am…. like the radio and TV people… doing a ton more $#%# work for zero more pay or recognition (notice that I didn’t use myself in that.  

  • The # is too stupid to realize it’s a hashtag now and not just a pound sign and $ symbols don’t read blogs.
  • % is known as the bitch-and-moan type so nobody every listens when they’re hanging out at the liquid paper cooler.

Who was it that decided that me, the @ symbol, should be used to tag people in social media? Although I get used in logos now, we @ symbols get zero residuals. I’ve cancelled my NetFlix account and my monthly wine subscription because I have no time to relax and prop by tail up on a hassock for even an hour. I guess that’s how union’s get started. Oppression and lack of respect for a reasonable work day for reasonable recognition.

So…all of you social media experts…palllleeeeeze! We @ symbols would like a break OR we want more pay.  Just imagine if we all walked off the job for the day.  Your social media would crash and your heads and thumbs would explode!  And, if you don’t like my attitude, you can kiss my asterisk, Ya Jagoffs.

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