Jagoff Windshield Wiper fluid

I little light-hearted-winter-covid-is-messing-everything-up fun today. Like, this isn’t really maddening, it’s just a logistical obs (that is short for observation in the young people’s world). This is about a trip to the grocery store to purchase some windshield wiper fluid because, that’s what ya do around this time of year. Let’s call the place, Big Bird.

  • The jagoff-estrator is pointing out the rack of wiper fluid for sale. NOT FREE.
  • The second jagoff-estrator circle is pointing out the EXIT ONLY sign?
  • (A gold star if you see where this is going yet).
  • I want to purchase windshield washer fluid so I enter the store.. via the ENTER ONLY doorway which is on the other side of the store front. (not in picture)
  • I ask a store staff member, “Where do I find the washer fluid?” She responds with, “It’s outside. Just bring it in.”
  • (See yet where this is going?)
  • I reply, “So if I go outside to get 3-4 bottles, do I need to go around to the ENTER ONLY door?” She replied, no, just come back in the EXIT ONLY door.

Covid gets the blame for EVERYTHING these days and it applies in this case. It’s causing us all to not think clearly.

Big Birdies, if you want people to grab some washer fluid, walk in, and then pay for it, shouldn’t ya put the bottles at the ENTER ONLY entrance… YaJagoffs? (said in the friendly manner because we are actually thankful for the Big Bird workers who are essential.)




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