Super Bowl Streaker Photo bomber

The guy who ran onto the field during the big game was so NOT from Pittsburgh.  First easy clue, no black and gold, second, he didn’t stop to chat it up with security like how ‘bout dem Stillers, and three, he wore a swimsuit style leotard. Yinzers know what’s flattering for a big game bust-in run.

Truth be told, the intruder run is one of the only things yinzers will talk about the big game.  I mean we can only talk about giving Brady his due as the GOAT for so long before we throw in our own football claims to fame.

But back to the situation, if a yinzer had run onto the field you would have known because:

  • He would have worn a Faneca jersey. Since Pittsburgh didn’t get into the big game, that was our black and gold buzz this weekend.
  • He would have had some recognition of Pittsburgh like a terrible towel or at least some black and gold beads. A strip District find from years ago.
  • There would have been some Pittsburgh shout out or holla like I love Mancini’s bread, or Pittsburgh had the first Primanti ‘s.

But, our own James Martin, a Marine Corps veteran, was selected because of his dedication & commitment to helping others during the pandemic. He didn’t need to photo bomb; he was a real showstopper and didn’t need to run onto the field in a bathing suit.  Maybe no Steelers, maybe no sea of black and gold, but every big game needs a glimmer of Pittsburgh, ya jagoff!

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