YaJagoff Post in Hawaii

Who wastes toilet paper?  Oh sure.. before this Coronavirus pressure.. some wasted toilet paper in many ways.. throwing away the last 5 squares vs. using the roll down to the last, oddly-folded, half of square or even rolling 1/4 of a roll around their hand before they wiped!

But.. who just leaves a pile of fresh rolls of toilet paper on the side of road? Especially at a time when a single roll is as valuable as the Hope Diamond, or even more, as valuable the Franco Harris Immaculate Reception game-day football.

Dude or dudette… Wondering what kind of ear beatin’ ya got when ya got home and someone asked, “Hey! Where’s the toilet paper I sent ya for?” You might have been better to have left your wallet full of credit cards near that fire hydrant or a pile of crack cocaine and the money owed to the dealer than to have left a pile of TP.. YaJagoff!

Thanks @Libbunnie of Instagram (Hawaii) for being today’s Jagoff Catcher!

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