We have done our very best….like high-five-Sid-Crosby-and-Jake-Guentzel-after-an-11-point-game-kind-of-excited…that we have not addressed the Antonio Brown sitch on this blog. We hate drama… unless of course it’s good drama.  But… this one could not be ignored.


  • Ben says something in the media that he lost a friend. (Who knows why but, who knows why anyone comes clean to their mom about things they did when they were 14 but .. people do!)
  • AB fires off a tweet to “shut-up!”

So here we are.. the first and last time we mention the AB sitch. Fair warning, the language below is similar to when John is stuck in traffic…hide the kids!

AB, you $!)#*$ing, !@$*hole! !$*@&@, !^*%^, ?%#!*&^  $**^%$@? >^(!@*#*, ,!^*%^, ?%#!*&* !$*@&@, ?%#!*&^  $**^%$@? >^(!@*#*, @$*hole! !$*@&@, son-of-a-@*@$*, you’re the dumbest !$*@&@, ?%#!*&* !$*@&@, Ya Jagoff!


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