It is Earth Day 2019 and we feel the responsibility to educate our readers about how to celebrate the day responsibly. So, here goes:

1 Take a shorter shower. Take only as long as you need to clean off the DEE -FENSE war paint that you have left on your face and belly from Sunday’s game.

2) Use less plates.. paper and good china to eliminate garbage and dish-washing water. Eat at Primanti Brothers 4 times per week because they are already doing this… every sandwich served on a sheet of paper.

3) Car pool or use public transportation more. Unless your riding with someone who wants to talk about why the Steelers or Penguins missed the playoffs. You can go to Facebook for those conversations.

4) For cleaning, use cloth towels vs paper towels. Of course, do not use your Terrible Towel for anything other than waving. But those towels the Pens gave away in previous years’ playoff games.. feel free to use those for any cleaning tasks. They don’t have the lure of a Terrible Towel.

5) Turn off every single light in your house lights when you leave for the evening… EXCEPT for the spot light that shines on your autographed Jack Lambert jersey above the fire place.

Ok.. happy Earth Day YaJagoffs!

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